Clients can schedule appointments for- individual sessions, a short series of sessions (3-5), or the classical 10-series, all options are possible and are dependent upon ones needs and goals. The classical 10-series will actually last between 8-12 sessions. This will be determined as the series progresses. If you’d like assistance in determining the amount of sessions that would best suit you please feel free to contact me to discuss further.                                


Each session within a series can be looked at as a singular session that is complete and whole while also having connections to the sessions that precede and follow it.

For an in-depth description of the 10-series please visit this fine site:

Each individual session lasts between 75-90 minutes, this is dependent upon which session is being given and the personal needs and goals of the client.

What to wear

There will be a certain amount of movement within each session.  Women should wear underwear or possibly a swim suit that they feel comfortable walking and moving in.  Men should wear briefs, boxer briefs or a speedo type swimsuit (please do not wear boxers).

Free Introductory Consultation

Gift Certificates available.

New Client Intake Form                                                                               

All new clients should download this form, fill it out completely and bring it to your Rolfing session.  If you are unable to print it prior to your first session just be aware that I will have you fill it out at the beginning of the session and this will add about 15 minutes to the overall time.