Rolfing® Structural Integration

Brian Soderholm is a certified practitioner of Rolfing structural integration in Portland, OR. Rolfing is a dynamic therapy that uses education, manual techniques and movement to affect change within (the body of) an individual. Either during a single session or through a series of sessions the client and the Rolfer work together to re-organize the body into vertical alignment. The Rolfer works slowly and gently with the connective tissue called “fascia”. Fascia supports, penetrates and envelops all of the muscles, bones, nerves, and organs.  It holds together all the different parts of a person’s body and gives that body its shape.        


Rolfing is more than just a way of working with muscles and deep connective tissue; it is a way of changing deep set patterns of posture, movement, and tension through manipulation and movement education. For many reasons, from physical injury to emotional stress and trauma, our bodies develop areas which are less mobile, tight, and often painful.

As the series progresses, these areas become freer, more open, and stronger. Rolfing can also be a valuable tool in deepening your practice of yoga or martial arts as well as improving body awareness and athletic performance. These changes are lasting, and often they are dramatic and quite profound.

Brian Soderholm is a Certified Rolfer™ practicing in Portland, Oregon.