What is a Rolfing® Session?

A typical Rolfing structural integration session will last from 75-90 minutes.  Each session generally begins with a brief postural and movement assessment.  The majority of the work will take place on a massage table.  There will also be a certain amount of work done while seated and standing.  You’ll also be required to do some basic movements throughout each session.

How is Rolfing different than massage, physical therapy, and chiropractic?

The practice of Rolfing considers the body and all of its beauty and uniqueness within the field of gravity.  It is also a holistic practice- Rolfing will approach and evaluate each part of the body in relation to the whole being.  There is a quality of touch and intention behind this type of work that is inherent to the Rolfing methodology. 

Does Rolfing hurt?

Rolfing has been constantly developing and becoming more nuanced since its beginnings.  It is true that there are times when a client may experience intense sensation but this should not be the norm.  In fact the client will experience a wide range of sensations throughout this process. Rolfing is most effective when the client and the practitioner work as partners where the practitioner facilitates the client’s healing process. 

Rolfing as a practice wants the client to gain more length, space, and freedom in their body and for this to happen the client needs to be open and able to accept the work.  This is difficult if the client’s body is contracted, tight, and protecting itself.  A Rolfing session is client-centered; it is a place for open communication, trust, and supportive partnership.      

What are the benefits of Rolfing?

Some of the reported benefits of Rolfing are; greater range of motion, more flexibility, a decrease in pain, relief of stress, and enhanced vitality.

What do I wear?

There will be a certain amount of movement within each session.  Women should wear underwear or possibly a swimsuit that they feel comfortable walking and moving in.  Men should wear briefs, boxer briefs or a speedo type swimsuit (please do not wear boxers).